These voices reflect the impact of the work that I have done with individuals across the country. This also demonstrates my ability to work with diverse people, various levels of leadership and ability to achieve personal, professional and organizational growth.


Elizabeth's ability to make difficult concepts easy to understand is amazing! Her guidance and support has helped me achieve my goals and dreams.
– Ericka Dunlap Miss America 2004 worked with Elizabeth as a mentor since 1997.- Orlando, FL 

Elizabeth is an expert in the diversity space. She is also an expert facilitator.

There are 3 premises that I have learned from Elizabeth that have been incorporated into my daily thinking as a leader. The first is purity of motive. She has helped me focus on the issue and not the insinuation that someone is coming at an issue from a negative place. The second and the one that has resonated the most with me is Intent does not equal Impact. This has allowed me to help people be less defensive when dealing with an issue as well as coach people on understanding the impact they have on someone no matter what their intent was initially. The last is simply to look through a different lens when trying to understand an issue. My lens is not the only lens.

– Suzy Domenick- Newark, NJ

Elizabeth has a way of helping people grow through a session as limited as 2 hours. She is excellent at getting up in front of hundreds of her colleagues and facilitating an activity or discussion.  

She can put a crowd at ease, ask the tough questions without putting you on the defensive and in the end, help you to better understand where another individual may be coming from. She has grasped the personality of the business I am in and has a great understanding of where we are trying to go in the diversity space. -- Sandy Holmes - Cleveland Ohio

 Elizabeth, you have a wonderful sense of vision and leadership that allowed you to work beyond the realm of "standard" to achieve excellence in all that you did. Your approach was always thoughtful and full of insight, which made working for you a pleasure. Elizabeth, I highly recommend you and your work in any venture where you can thrive as a visionary leader. -- Principal Business Advisor, Rick Meekins Aepiphanni Business Solutions –Atlanta, GA

Elizabeth specializes in creating activities, curricula, strategies, and large-scale projects that help to address issues of diversity and inclusion--in the workplace, at school, in the community, or anywhere they arise. She is especially skilled at bringing sometimes conflicting stakeholders "to the table" as part of the development of programming as well as in its implementation.

Elizabeth expertly defuses potentially volatile situations so that all might grow and benefit. Ms. Williams-Riley is well-versed in both the theories underlying youth development programming as well as the realities "on the ground" that ultimately determine actual success of interventions and activities. One of the most important aspects of her professional work and success is her personal engagement with the work and with those she works with.  

I recommend her whole-heartedly. -- Carl Niedzielski -New York, NY

Elizabeth’s personal resourcefulness, strategic patience and ability to mentor other leaders makes her a wonderful resource to the communities and organizations in which she works.

Elizabeth  has an ability to build strong relationships with all kinds of people, from grassroots activists to LGBT educators to individuals of wealth who have sustained her important work.

Elizabeth has the ability to inspire the best in everyone she touches.

Our world needs more leaders like Elizabeth! --Bernie Schlotfeldt

Elizabeth is extremely thoughtful in making decisions and looking at the impact it would have on the entire organization.
 Liz would be an asset to any organization or team!!! -- Tameka L. Taylor, Ph.D. , Partner, Compass Consulting Services-Cleveland Ohio