Keynote Presentations

Panel Moderation 


One-on-One Sessions

Special Events


Personal Action Planning

Community Forums

All fees for services are determined after initial consultation. $50 non-refundable consultation fee may apply.

Affinity Groups 

Employee Resource Groups


Board Development

Conflict Management/Resolution

Executive Coaching

Team Building


Organizational Development

Strategic Planning


All services are delivered with the highest level of integrity and professionalism. Although many of these issues are intense and require comprehensive consultation, my expertise includes humor to connect with people around complex and challenging issues.

Ideal for individuals and organizations that need assistance to:

  • Build Cohesive Leadership Teams
  • Enhance Leadership Capacity
  • Address Diversity and Inclusion Matters- Implicit Bias and Social Identity 
  • Address Systemic and Institutional Bias
  • Re-energize and Boost Morale
  • Complete Strategic Planning Process  
  • Create Innovative Programs (Youth & Adult)
  • Defuse Tension  & Manage Conflict
  • Measure Program Effectiveness & Impact
  • Structure Empowering and Sustainable Ministries  
  • Adapt Program/Services for Diverse Population